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  1. Hi Craft Addicts!

    I had a really great time making this card as it is quite different to my usual style! It is very easy to make and I hope you will carry on reading to find out how I did it!

    GC 2019 - Halloween - Happy Halloween Skulls on Kraft Tag with eyes behind

    How I made this card:-

    • I first of all took a Kraft tag (medium size) and painted all over it using brown Mica paints so that it sparkled when dry!
    • I then took the plain skull from the Hubble Bubble Stamp set and stamped it three times on the card with black permanent ink.
    • I did wonder if the paint would "bleach" if i added some water and so I used a paintbrush to paint some of the areas out (and some worked better than others as you can see) but I must admit I like the effect as it does look as if the lifht is shining especially on the middle one!
    • I wasn't quite sure which size card to use but eventually decided on DL and so took a piece of light Kraft card and trimmed it so that it fitted the bottom 1/3rd and before sticking it down, I coloured the edges of it with the same brown Sparkle ink.
    • I then used the eyeball with wings stamp (from the same set as the skull) and stamped it in each corner, again with the same black ink. I also took the ink splat from the same set and stamped it in between them.
    • I took a red alcohol marker and coloured the eyeballs in and once done, used PVA glue to stick it down.
    • I stamped the bat at the top of the card using Black ink and then stamped the Happy Halloween sentiment on to some white card and trimmed it with a wavy edge.
    • I put some Rusty Hinge and Aged Mahogany Distress Crayons onto a glass mat and then painted the bat with them and let it dry for a bit.
    • I used foam pads to add the tag at a slight angle and then some more to add the sentiment. 

    And there you are.... a fun card to send out at Halloween!

  2. Hi Craft addicts!

    I really love these dies from Lynda Chapman's Paper Boutique die range - This one is called Love the Bones of You and contains the large mat layer, the inside skull die and then a smaller circle die and the two sentiment dies (one is the wording, the other the mat).

    GC 2019 - Love and Friendship or Halloween - Love the bones of you skull an

    How I made this card:-

    • I first of all cut out the mat layer and sentiment dies from white card 
    • I then cut out the skull layer die using black card and stuck the two together using PVA glue
    • I then cut out the sentiment mat layer in bright yellow card and glued the sentiment to it using PVA glue - you could also use self adhesive paper or even a Xyron machine..
    • I felt that the card itself needed something extra so used the Crossbones stamp from Rare Earth's Hubble Bubble 6" stamp collection and stamped around the edge of it with black ink.
    • I then used PVA glue to attach the skull and crossbones mat and layer to it and then added the sentiment with foam pads.

    Products you might need for this project

    1. Love the Bones of You die set from the Paper Boutique range from Creative Crafting World
    2. Hubble Bubble 6" stamp set from Rare Earth
    3. 6" white card and envelope - so many Companies provide these now, from Create & Craft, Hunkydory and so on...
    4. Black card 
    5. White card
    6. Yellow card (this is from Create & Craft's Core Collection)
    7. Obsidian Black ink pad from Gina K
    8. Foam pads
    9. PVA glue such as Pinflair's Glue-it glue, Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue

    If you want to see more of what I have done, then you can always visit my previous blog site at

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  3. Hi Craft addicts!

    Well, Summer is drawing to a close and the Autumn is upon us but I have made this card to remember those lovely times at the seaside... I enjoyed making this as it is a mix of stamping, die-cutting and blending inks! Just so you know that I have added the products used after the instructions so you can buy them if you want to!

    GC 2019 - Just for you - Children with donkey in sihouette on sunset bg 7x5

    How I made this card:-

    • I took a piece of white stamping card which is approximately 4" x 6" and using various Yellow, Red and Orange Distress/Dyebased ink pads (don't use Distress Oxide inks with any of the blenders you might use as they don't like each other) blended them in duplicating the sunny yellows at the top and bottom and then the orange and finally the red.
    • I added a blurred line along the centre to give the impression of land in the distance.
    • I used the Time for Tea Fishy largest dies to cut out a frame in black card as it carries on the theme of a silhouette.
    • I then glued the sunset background to the reverse of the frame using PVA glue.
    • Using PVA glue, I then stuck the whole panel on to the front of a white 5" x 7" card.
    • I cut out the deckchairs, sandcastle and Children with donkey dies in the same black card and stuck the latter on the right hand side with PVA glue. 
    • I also stuck the sandcastle just to the left of the donkey, again with PVA glue.
    • I then used some thin foam pads to attach the deckchairs to the bottom left hand corner.
    • I stamped the Just for You sentiment on to a small circle of white card and using the same inks blended them in so it matched the background. I then used foam pads to attach it to the top left hand corner.
    • Finally, I added 3 drops each at the top and bottom of the sentiment.

    And there you are... a bright and cheerful card that would be great to give to someone to say you are thinking of them...

    Products you might like to buy to make this project

    1. Tattered Lace Beach Donkey Ride die 
    2. Tattered Lace Pier set of dies
    3. Small Circle die (about 1.75")
    4. 5" x 7" white card with matching envelope (so many suppliers sell them now but I use Hunkydory, Create & Craft and Lynda Chapman's World of Paper
    5. White stamping card - again a lot of Companies produce this but I use Rare Earth Stamping Card, Hunkydory's Ink Me Card and also Lynda Chapman's World of Paper
    6. Black card - I use Lynda Chapman's World of Paper as it is just the right weight for die-cutting etc
    7. Distress and Dyebased inks - such as Tim Holtz Distress inks, Rare Earth or Prism (Hunkydory) 
    8. Just for You sentiment stamp from For The Love of Stamps from Hunkydory
    9. Gina K Obsidian Black ink (currently out of stock at Bumbleberry Crafts) 
    10. Jet Black Nuvo Drops from Tonic Studios
    11. Foam pads
    12. PVA glue such as Cosmic Shimmer, Glue it Glue from Pinflair etc
  4. Hi Craft addicts!

    So today's card is one I have made using stamps from Sheena Douglass's Everyday Perspectives - Out on a Limb A4 set along with some watercolour paints - if you would like to find out how I made it then read on!

    GC 2019 - General - Tweet Tweet Tweet watercolour landscape DL white card -

    How I made this card:-

    1. I first of all took a piece of white stamping card and trimmed it to measure approximately 6" x 2.5" (so it fitted the front of a white DL card).
    2. I placed it in to the base of a stamping platform which needs to be a larger one so I used the 8" Rare Earth one i have and used some tape to attach it so it didn't move about.
    3. When I was sure it wouldn't move, I took the landscape scene stamp from the set and set it towards the bottom of the card. I also added the 3 birds and the 3 different Tweet stamps on to the card positioning them where I wanted them.
    4. Once I was happy with the scene, I picked them up on the opposite side of the platform by closing it gently.
    5. I then used Obsidian Black ink them, making sure the stamps were covered and closed the lid down, this time slightly harder so it gave a good impression - the advantage of a stamping platform is of course if you don't quite get it right, you can repeat the stamping without the worry of missing the original image.
    6. Once it was dry (which is very quick), I then used some different shades of blue watercolour paint re-inkers (Rare Earth, Tim Holtz Distress ink) too create the sky and darker blues to give the idea that there was either a lake or sea behind the trees.
    7. For them, I used different shades of greens, not worrying too much if I went over the lines as watercolouring is meant to be more forgiving!
    8. I took some sandy brown paints (this time from Toni Darroch's paint wheel and painted the ground/soil under the hedgerow.
    9. I then left it to dry - you can use a heat gun or leave it to dry naturally.
    10. I edged the panel with the chisel tip end of a Black alcohol marker and stuck it with some PVA glue to the front of a side-fold white DL card.

    Products you might need for this:-

    • DL sidefold white card and envelope (from Lynda Chapman's World of Paper from Creative Crafting World
    • Sheena Douglass's Everyday Perspectives Out on a Limb A4 stamp set (it was available from Create & Craft)
    • Watercolour re-inkers - Rare Earth, Tim Holtz Distress inks or any other ones will do
    • Watercolour paint wheel from Toni Darroch's Stamps by Me
    • Gina K Obsidian Black ink pad (Gina K is an American Company but you can get it here in the UK from Bumbleberry Crafts) - oh yes she does brilliant tutorial videos on Facebook and You Tube
    • Black alcohol marker - one with a chisel end is best
    • PVA Glue such as PInflair's Glue it Glue or Cosmic Shimmer is great for this - I will be doing a blog comparing glues soon!
    • Stamping platform - Rare Earth, Crafter's Companion, Hunkydory's Prism or Stamps by Me are good ones.