Glossary of terms

Glossary of crafting terms

What all the terms we always hear mention mean!

I hope you find the information useful - it is meant to be as up to date as possible but may contain items that might be out of stock at the time of writing. It is also not totally comprehensive so if you think I could add items to it, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  • Toppers are usually the main focal point of any project you may be working on.
  • They can co-ordinate fully with the background or stand out by being totally different.

  • These are any topper you may use plus a background layer which either is the same size as the main image or can be slightly larger which allows a small border around it. Again these can be the same colour or tone or something totally different.


  • Dies are usually thin sheets of metal that have a cutting area (which aren't sharp) that are passed through a machine that uses a lot of pressure to cut them out.
  • You can also use these machines to emboss cardstock or paper using a mat to allow it to create enough pressure to leave an indent but not strong enough to cut through it. You can then use it on the embossed or debossed side.
  • There also deep cut dies/steel dies that can be used to cut thicker items such as foam, cardboard, leather etc. Some of these dies are similar to the thin dies but others that use thicker metal within foam so that they can be cut out. 
  • A lot of companies now produce matching dies and stamps so you can cut round the latter without having to fussy cut them. 
  • Several companies also now produce artwork, precoloured so that you can cut them out and use them directly on your project - for instance Charisma from Tattered Lace
  • There are so many companies now making more and more elaborate shapes from flowers to landscapes. Quite a few of these companies allow you to cut them out and sell them in packs. I will be creating a list of these shortly.


  • Die-cuts are the pieces of card, paper, felt, fabric, metal and much more that are cut out using the dies



There are so many ink pads available now that it does get very confusing as to what can be used for what type of stamping/drawing and this might help you to decide which to use!


  • Pigment ink pads
  • Pigment ink pads for fine detail
  • Pigment ink pads for mixed media projects
  • Distress ink pads
  • Dye based ink pads
  • Solvent ink pads

STAMPS -  Rubber, Acrylic and more...

There are so many companies out there selling a variety of stamps - from the older wooden stamp blocks to the more recent acrylic stamps.