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I have been using another blogging site but thought it was now time to integrate it into my own website so I hope you will subscribe to it as I try and do at least one post a day for a 365 day challenge!

If there are any procedures or tips you would like to see, just get in touch!

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Hi Craft addicts and followers of Fizzy Designs!

Well, this is my second post but I guess I should have actually posted this first as it would have made more sense but hey ho!

I have written a blog off and on about crafting for several years now (with some succes) but felt that it would be more sensible for my blogs to actually be on my website so that if you wanted to buy something you could do so a lot more easily. I also found the old provider a bit clunky but that is personal preference of course!

If you would like to read any of my "historical" blogs which range from cards to home decor then why not visit my blog at!

I will be posting my next blog tomorrow (not quite sure what it will be on yet) - but there will be themed posts coming up on Halloween and of course Christmas - so why not bookmark my blog to keep posted when a new one is up and running!

Thank you for reading!


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